Sad Bastard Sunday: My Dark Star.

Suede notches prominently on the belt as perfect sad mood listening. After all, remember they wrote b-side “There are the Sad Songs”, which is spot on, to the direct point, frank.

Sci-Fi Lullabies did a stoic job in collecting the stellar b-sides from their first three albums and saved me the indignity of hunting down out-of-print import singles at Newbury Comics from Brattle Square to Newbury Street like the sad bastard I so diligently am.

Crown, adjusted.

A personal favorite–“My Dark Star”–gets us started. Oh how my dark star, it will rise.

Sad Bastard Sunday will appear as noted, on Sunday, courtesy our resident sad bastard, Esteban Miguel. Welcome him with cold, hard heart and arms. It will, you know, pummel this sad bastard thing forward.

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