Delicious Drip: Written on the Forehead.

We recently mentioned all the glorious deets on a new P.J. Harvey record, and now, the wonder that is Polly has given us a new track off Let England Shake.

“Written on the Forehead”  is anthemic; never one to shy away from pushing the boundaries, I dare say this track is a tune for the ages. It burns like a fire within and is filled with these glorious reggae inspired dub riffs (humble blogger won’t bore you with details that include some arsehole actually commenting on the track as having a “passion pit sound to it”…discuss amongst yourself, no doubt Esteban Miguel and I could go several pints over just jabbing on this horror. Its fucking Polly! Why would you go there?).

Let England Shake apparently drops 2/14 (might add here that the album appears to boast the most amazing track names in Polly history–think “The Words That Maketh Murder” and “Hanging in the Wire”).

Enjoy “Written on the Forehead” below.

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