Love it or Hate it?: Beach Dreams E.P.

It’s worth first noting that humble blogger thinks the surf-inspired, hazed out and downright dreamy tracks seemingly pulling from every corner of the music world of late could be a bit played out.

I mean, there’s only so much of this we really need, correct? And in winter, whilst it is great to listen to some warm-weathered licks, its really not the oil-leathered, teen dream kind of stuff I reach for–rather the tight dub of a 1960s reggae track to make me feel warm in a sick, cold world. Or, er, the Boston climate.

Enter Teen Daze’s latest offering–a four track ep called Beach Dreams, available for free here. It used to be chillwave, and now its just…I don’t know, gorgeously sweet surf tracks drenched in a day’s worth of too much sun and a few too many slathers of the suntan oil.

It’s as if you’ve spent a stunning day at the beach and you’ve reached your perfect weather, perfect times quota. Yet, you go back the next day to soak up a bit more. Take track “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”; its charm makes me a bit sick, but its also that temptress that fishes me out toward sea. It’s the type of track I can secretly strut around to in the privacy of my own bedroom wearing nothing but a tshirt and undies, but is that really necessary at my age anymore?

Am I over the these hazed-out, dripping with synth oil lo-fi tracks that are filled with nostalgia and fuzzed out memory? I’m not willing to make a definitive statement on that yet.

Judge not? Just listen? Ok, fine, yank my arm.

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