We hear…13 boastful tracks for you.

Of course, we all remember just last month, when Morrissey revealed his Top 13 LPs of all time for the Quietus. It was a lovely little list, in which he even scanned in every record sleeve for good measure.

And now, he’s at it again, revealing his “Supreme 13 Singles” of all time. He includes plenty of “aha” tracks (The Supremes, Roxy Music, The New York Dolls), as well as more obscure mentions–one of humble blogger’s favorite duos, Sparks, got some love on the list, which makes me jump around like the foolish little girl I am.

Of course, this is all hot on the heels of the re-issue of the man’s beloved singles collection, Bona Drag, which will boast 4 previously unreleased tracks. Morrissey fans–heave, spazz, drool (here’s looking at you, Esteban Miguel).

Anyway, here’s the list, of course:

1. “Jet Boy” – New York Dolls 2. “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both of Us” – Sparks  3. “Saturday Nite Special” – The Sundown Playboys 4. “Young, Gifted and Black” – Bob & Marcia 5. “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” – The Tams 6. “Soldier Blue” – Buffy Sainte-Marie 7. “Granada” – Al Martino 8. “Mighty Joe” – Shocking Blue 9. “All Grown Up” – The Crystals 10. “I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Boy” – Paul Jones 11. “I’m Livin’ In Shame” – The Supremes 12. “Do the Strand” – Roxy Music 13. “Groovin With Mr. Bloe” – Mr. Bloe

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