Rinse, Repeat: Angst in My Pants.

The entire tune. From start to finish. Rinse, repeat.

“Angst in My Pants” is definitely my most favorite Sparks tune–but definitely the best track on the 1982 record of the same name, which saw Russell and Ron Mael work for the second (and last, boo) time with Haag, Bohem, and Kendrick as backing band.

While the success of “I Predict” may have overshadowed a gem like “Angst in My Pants”, it didn’t for ere humble blogger, whose never been cool enough to like the popular stuff.

From opening lick to final kick, this track will hook its teeth into you. Until much of their underwhelming disco-new wave, “Angst in My Pants” is power pop at its finest, with  Russell seducing us all with his lower register voice strutting around a tightly-wound rhythm and a snare drum that makes you feel as paranoid as the brothers Mael hope.

It’s hard to shake, much like its track name, so ahem, rinse, repeat. Check the snare. Seriously.

Rinse, Repeat is a column by humble blogger, published in short, sweet, repeating bits whenever compulsion happens, of course.

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