Addictions: Pale Sketcher.

Wow. Consider humble blogger’s mind blown.

Justin K. Broderick, of metal fame (Napalm Death, Godflesh, and most recently Jesu), is an electronic artist?

Why yes, yes he is.

His latest side project, in which he adopts the moniker Pale Sketcher (from Jesu’s 2007 album of the same name), features a whole host of brilliant electronic magic; it’s dark, intense, and welp, downright epic.

Unlike Broderick’s previous work, this isn’t dark and intense in a pulsing way. Instead, it’s atmospheric and melodic. There’s plenty of reverb, and gentility in it all.

“Can I Go Now (Gone Version)” is the first single off Jesu: Pale Sketches DeMixed, which drops 8/24 on Ghostly International. The album finds Broderick reworking a handful of tracks from previously unreleased Jesu material from 2007’s Pale Sketches. You can score all the details on the record over here.

[Pale Sketcher – Can I Go Now (Gone Version).]

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