Delicious Drip: Field.

The brilliant new minimalist dance record from Mount Kimbie, which dropped on Tuesday, has been on constant repeat for ere humble blogger as a nice return to normalcy after the best gig so far in 2010 (see P&C’s review over here).

Crooks & Lovers doesn’t slam you with sound; its gentle, yet uplifting, and track “Field” embodies everything that’s stellar about this record. The debut from these dubstep geniuses is right in line with their previous two EPs, which draw you in over morning coffee, rather than in the dancehall just before 5 a.m. java.

I adore this record.  While both of their EPs had distinct “brands” about them and focused energy, Crooks and Lovers is a mashing of beat-driven tracks, bass wobblers, and tight, downright atmospheric meanderers. I like my records to be a bit schizo, so thank you Mount Kimbie.

It’s not panicked nor rushed. And its woefully intelligent.

[Mount Kimbie – Field.]

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