The present is a gift…

Of course, its no secret how much humble blogger adores her some Tiny Desk Series’ from NPR; usually guests are just the kinds of artists and bands you want to see do something relaxed, acoustic, and quick. A delicious treat while you’re sitting at your own tiny desk in work, plodding along and in need of a lift.

Enter Jimmy Cliff, who recently stopped by with his acoustic, for a Tiny Desk appearance; performing his brilliant–and downright adored–tunes from The Harder They Come, as well as a new one from his latest record (“I Got To Move On”), Cliff just totally wows with his short, 3 track session. “Sitting Here in Limbo” will make your toes curl and goosebumps appear all over.

Go gobble this straight away. If you aren’t a Jimmy Cliff devotee, shame on you. The man is a musical genius, who has created some of the most powerful tunes for the world, even if they were written some 30 years ago, they are still as poignant in 2010 than they were in 1972.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Enjoy.

Oh, and you should absolutely watch this bit from The Harder They Come if you never have. (If you never have, don’t admit so.)

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