In the waiting room…

Breathing quickly. Having trouble getting oxygen. Humble blogger doesn’t even know how to contain the excitement at the news one of my favorite bands is prepping a massive archive of live gigs from days of yore.

This band was one of the first (besides Joy Division) I really discovered on my own as a teen; it was in a friend’s truck that I first heard 13 songs and crushed as hard on Ian MacKaye as I did that kid who had encyclopedic knowledge of Dag Nasty and Bad Brains. It was my real foray into the punk meets reggae vibe, and I’ve never looked back.

If you’ve never given Fugazi wholehearted listens, you shouldn’t wait. Their unique stop-start structures, the infusion of funk, ska, reggae, and straight forward punk is a beautiful blend and I dare anyone to argue otherwise. There’s brilliant riffs and plenty of dub basslines…

…and for those of us devotees who would gobble every live recording and bit of the 10-years dormant Washington, D.C. band, at least we know Dischord Records is hard at work making this possible.

For the girl who owns the complete box set of Joy Division recordings, as well as Martin Hannett’s collection from working with the band (which literally amounts to a whole bunch of warped noises and drunken banter), you can bet we’ll be filing this Fugazi masterpiece right next to.

To get geared up, enjoy Fugazi getting a crowd pogo-ing outside with “Turnover” in 1991; and of course, there’s the brilliant “Long Division”.

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