Delicious Drip: Blood.

As humble blogger catches up on work today (I design and work knitwear over at Kraftworkin) while it rains here in Boston, there has been nothing but The Middle East to help me get by.

The Queensland, Australia-based collective gained popularity here stateside late last year, when The Recordings of the Middle East EP was finally made available to our shores. Anyways, its not new or anything, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out this brilliant hard to define genre-wise but close to ambient folk and very much post-rock indie outfit, you shouldn’t wait a moment more. It’s got electric and acoustic guitar, glockenspiel for c.’s sake, and plenty of hand percussives. Golf clap cheer!

So, gobble up this juicy bit. Delicious, no?

[The Middle East – Blood.]

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