Danger! It’s the Summer Playlist Series: Vol. 2, Esteban Miguel.

As most of the P&C readers already know, we are embarking on a Summer Playlist Series, inspired by the epic playlist created by Danger Mouse for Vulture/New York Magazine.

Vol. 1–humble blogger’s playlist–was published on Thursday. And now, Vol. 2 is available for your listening pleasure.

Long-time P&C contributor Esteban Miguel created a set of tunes, alternatively inspired, and chock full of deliciousness totally in line with who he is. If you’ve ever spent any descent amount of time in his vehicle, this is exactly the listening experience you’d get–of course, in Vol. 2, you don’t have the added benefit of bearing witness to his need to scream out the lyrics (though I can imagine he only does that in the presence of himself, and, welp, humble blogger…). It’s actually brilliant, really.

The following two playlists by other P&C contributors will be made available in the coming days, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can check out Vol. 1, and of course, naturally, gobble Vol. 2.

Esteban Miguel’s Tracklist is as follows:

1. I Think I’m In Love – Spiritualized 2. Dakota – Stereophonics 3. Birds – Kate Nash 4. Ladykillers – Lush 5. Oh Yeah – Bryan Ferry 6. Summer Moved On – Aha 7. Push It – Garbage 8. Die In The Summertime – Manic Street Preachers 9. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me – The Pipettes 10. Step Into My World – Hurricane #1 11. Stupid Car – Radiohead 12. Girls and Boys – Blur 13. Sing It Back – Moloko 14. Hear Me Out – Frou Frou 15. Ocean and a Rock – Lisa Hannigan 16. I Know Where the Summer Goes – Belle and Sebastian 17. Do You Want To – Franz Ferdinand 18. She’s In Fashion – Suede 19. Pink Moon – Nick Drake 20. I Feel It All – Feist 21. Nightswimming – REM 22. Parallel Horizontal – Marine Research 23. Valerian – Catatonia 24. Indefinitely – Travis 25. David’s Last Summer – Pulp

Download Original

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