Dressing old school well…

It’s official; the downright brilliant lo-fi r&b outfit How to Dress Well will release its “Ready for the World” 7-incher on July 20 for Lefse, with a tasty added morsel in the form of a remix of their mind-numbing track “Ready for the World” by indie pop up and comers Twin Sister.

Honestly, this track is downright smashing. Addicting. Gorgeous.

The Brooklyn meets German outfit channels much of what we’ve come to love in 90s r&b–breathy albeit passionate vocals a la the likes of Shai–with splashes of nostalgia; “Ready for the World” samples Ready for the World’s “Love You Down”…did you get that?

Always a lover of excellent beats and soulful vocals, humble blogger adores her lastingly chic r&b and has a serious cache of these goods in her musical collection–so to see a brilliantly buzzed about lo-fi outfit take this glory and spin it fresh is quite thrilling, really. Who doesn’t want to privately get down and groove to a solid beat backed by some good lovin’ vocals?

Humble blogger straight up wants to spin it all day long. And if the original wasn’t ambient enough, welp, leave it to Twin Sister to take it a notch lower and more laid back.

The 7-incher includes the remix as a b-side; you can pre-order the debut here.

[How to Dress Well – Ready for the World.]

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