Undiscovered ’til Now: …but Chris Chu is involved!

Dawes & The Morning Benders “When My Time Comes” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

L.A.-based quartet Dawes recently stopped by the studio to record a session with good friends The Morning Benders (a band humble blogger has declared lovely, divine, etc. on more than one occasion) for Yours Truly.

P&C is most interested in apparent crowd pleasure “When My Time Comes”–and Chris Chu, oh Chris Chu. Just watch and drool, really. But, they also worked the track “If You Let Me Be Your Anchor”, off 2009 debut album North Hills. P&C knows very little about Dawes, but loves any M.B. pairing and thusly, are peaked or at least introduced.

For those of you more in the know than P&C, welp, gobble these two bits with added glory. Oh, and they’ll be playing the Iron Horse in Northhampton on August 2, if you are inclined and have vehicle transport.

Enjoy our favorite here.

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