Delicious Drip: Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix).

HEALTH is brilliantly releasing a remixes album as follow up to last year’s Get Color.

The album, called Disco 2, features a whole pile of delicious numbers, cut up, redone, and built back together in pretty genius ways. Dropping on June 22, expect to see work from the likes of P&C favorite CFCF, Pink Stallone, Gold Panda, and Crystal Castles to name a few.

Of course, gobble away at one of the remixes, by Pink Stallone, which is available as one of 12 bonus remixes on the digital package. “Die Slow” has quite a build up and let down, and a few warbles in betwixt.

If you’re in Boston tonight, you’ll know there are number of great gigs; P&C reviewer is off to interview and check out Conor from Villagers in Sommerville, and the aforementioned HEALTH is at Great Scott. It’s a shame humble blogger can’t be in the city…

[HEALTH – Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix).]

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