Becoming a Bloghouse Band: The Acorn.

Ottawa five-piece The Acorn released their third studio record, No Ghost, digitally today; the physical, release, however, doesn’t come out until the fall…and this certainly gives them plenty of time, and spins, to officially become one of those decidedly “bloghouse” bands.

There’s certainly been a lot of chatter of late about the band, what with the ever-amazing Four Tet’s recent remix of the first single off No Ghost, “The Restoration”.

For now, if you want to gobble The Acorn all summer, you can score the digital release of No Ghost today. Physical copy won’t be out until the first week of September (will feature bonus material).

Apparently, The Acorn retreated into a remote cottage somewhere in northern Quebec to write the tracks for No Ghost; it definitely evokes feelings of rural life, isolation, and a splash of acoustic. The perfect recipe for keeping this band squarely in some critical acclaim, street name: bloghouse.

Enjoy the first track off No Ghost, “Restoration”, and of course, gobble gobble hey Hebden’s brilliant beyond brilliant deconstruction and rebuilding of the tune. Yum.

[The Acorn – Restoration.]

[The Acorn – Restoration (Four Tet Remix).]

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