Breathing new life…

As most of my 3 readers know ad nauseum already, Pulp and Circumstance came to a screeching halt sometime late last month via one curt, sanitary email informing me we were out of “the biz” (aka not-for-pay-to-play) of writing about what we love.

Forced to vacate the space it occupied, years of work was wiped away–no pulpy remnants in the glass of spilled juice, but certainly the bitter aftertaste akin to that of swigging the o.j. just after a brush of the teeth.

And while I took the devastating news with some stride, and decided to use the time to take a break from music blogging, re-evaluate, and assess how and if to proceed, the temptress that is Pulp and Circ. lured me back toward its lair.

Music blogging has become an even more complicated beast these days. I remember fondly just a year ago, when Jas Shaw, one half of Simian Mobile Disco, praised blogs because “they hadn’t gone all corporate…yet”. And while we are feeling the pressure from record labels, artists, bands, and even PR machines are still here to support our low budget, bedroom style attempts to share immensely good music with a small, albeit loyal, readership which actually still buys records. It’s this genuine attempt to spread the bursting love we have for bands, all things instrumentally creative, that I thrive on; and in doing that, feel I am a die hard supporter of music, no the matter what any large governing body believes.

When once I would spend hours hovering over my stereo crafting mixtapes for my closest friends and potential crushes in order to introduce them to tunes that I thought would change their lives–or at least make them move in the privacy of their own bedrooms, which is, the best kind of moving for its freedom of creativity and absolute let loose ’cause no one’s watching attitude–I now do this in a space where I can not only share a bit of the tunage with you, but tell you about it in as many words or less, too.

Music has played a monumental role in my life; mixtapes have defined moods and moments, and guilty pleasure bands I’ve adored have incited riots from my friends, helped to recall stories of now laughable teenage angst, and also solidified bonds betwixt myself and others.

It was a pastime I shared fondly with my deceased father; he’d take me to Strawberries Records on weekends and buy me as much as I desired and he had such an eclectic, mind blowing record appetite for someone who grew up isolated in a small dirt floor house on a peanut farm in rural American Indian country. Just as he scoured for records as a young man, our record store outings consisted of the similar browsing for unusual titles and offbeat albums; all the while, he’d tell me about the blues, jazz, and the time he was once invited to party with The Guess Who in their broken down bus on the side of a Colorado highway. And since his unexpected passing when I was a mere 16 years old, music has helped me to carry on a conversation with him, even in death.

It’s fitting that I chose this week to rebirth the blog, as its the 10 year anniversary of my beloved, music loving, Pa’s passing.

So after much work, I have attempted to breath new life into P&C, created a new spot for it (at least temporarily, before bigger plans emerge for this humble blog to find its final place of dwelling), and tried to amp up some old ideas.

You’ll find much of the work myself and contributors have done in the past year or so; I’ve got about another year’s worth left that I’ll be able to back up, but hopefully in some way you’ll be able to browse all the writing of yonder years.

What’s more, I’ve decided on a redesign of our space, as well as convinced several contributors to take a stronger role in P&C. You’ll notice in the coming weeks a clear schedule for contributors, and a few delicious columns by the likes of oft reviewers Esteban Miguel and Thom Lau.

P&C is back, world. Apparently, I cannot quit my greatest lover, bedfellow (yes, I oft blog betwixt the sheets late nights, early mornings).

Thank you for all of your continued support and I hope you’ll return to this lil’ adventure. Send us any and all music you want us to hear, gobble, and love.

3 thoughts on “Breathing new life…

  1. I’m glad to hear you back though I must admit I hadn’t heard of you before until today when some of the blogs I follow were buzzing that you were back. Anyhoo, I look forward to hear your tales about music.

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