The Prince of Black Noise.

Pulp and Circumstance has finally gotten in a good listen to the latest release from Pantha Du Prince. The sophomore LP, Black Noise, is pretty damn splendid, for sure.

Filled with nothing but sparse, ambient beats, Pantha, also known as Germany’s Hendrick Weber, had a massive job to release a record as impressive as 2007’s It’s Bliss, and P&C thinks it happened.

You’ll likely hear track “The Splendour” on repeats for a good while; the random synths and ambient sonic sounds will leave you addicted to the hushed, albeit totally deliberate, electronic bits. What’s more, the track features Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsytem despite the track feeling wholly Pantha as if you never would have known it had guesters.

The entire album evokes the aforementioned really; it also features help from Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear of Animal Collective fame. Of course, you’ll remember the brilliant Peacebone remix Pantha did back in 2007.

The album, printed on Rough Trade, officially hits record shops on February 8.

Enjoy a preview for bliss, splendour and a whole bunch of delicate noise.

[Pantha du Prince – The Splendour.]

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