Moi? I wish.

The hazy brilliance of South Carolina’s own Toro y Moi is finally granted us an LP, with Blessa, slated for release next month on Carpark Records.

Chaz Bundick, the mastermind behind what started as a simple bedroom project, creates some deliciously ambient tracks which are quite difficult to describe in some respects. An intriguing blend of a whole host of genres, you’ll hear everything from the haze of psychedelia to the beat of r&b over an electronic ice and a splash of indie. Oh, the vocal harmonies are beautiful, too.

It’s a pretty good drink, for sure.

Causers of This will hit record shops on February 2 but is already available digitally. What’s more, Toro y Moi will play the Middle East on March 27 with Ruby Suns.

[Toro y Moi – Blessa.]

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