This temptation is hard to fight…

There is nothing better to get you through the last few moments of a long week than the juxtaposition of the gritty, raw vocals of soul genius George McGregor paired with the sweet, soft, absolutely delicious vocal harmony backings of the lovely Bronzettes.

And then, the Bronzettes hit you with some hollering come chorus.

Enter one of the first cuts from the oft forgot Twinight Label, “Temptation is Hard to Fight”. Pure Genius.

If you fancy yourself a lover of soul, then you better know this tune, for sure. The Twinight Label didn’t have the gusto, pizazz or polish of a label like Motown, but between 1967 and 1972 they churned out some of the most eccentric and intriguing soul tunes–with artist Syl Johnson at the helm, their flagship artist who produced something like 8 hits for Twinight.

But its George McGregor, his McGregor Brothers, and the help of the Bronzettes that really set P&C reeling. What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to have the “Temptation is Hard to Fight” 45, the b-side “Every Time I Wake Up” is total funk, and who doesn’t want that, really?

You can get all sorts of delicious tracks from the Twinight Label on the essential “Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation”–which focuses less on their main act, Syl Johnson, and more on those lesser known gems…all the more reason to add this to your collection.

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