Don’t, can’t, stop spinning this…

Lately, I’ve been hitting the stacks of records I haven’t visited in awhile, looking for an eclectic blend to pump me up and reduce the chances I’ll notice a lot of the action in work all day is repetitive.

Might as well find something that gets my move on a bit more.

And that brings me to the deliciously blended electro beats of New York’s own Brazilian Girls, who have lovingly been delivering me their unique house meets tango meets lounge act tunes since way back in those absolutely carefree college years.

Hands down, their greatest tune is by now, a classic in my listening pleasure; released in 2005 off their self-titled debut record, “Don’t Stop” will leave you begging for many more Brazilian Girls. Really.

And you’re lucky. They’ve released 2 lps since humble blogger first deliciously stumbled upon their record, which brought me warmth and fun in one of the most devastating of times in Boston: February.

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