Undiscovered ’til now: Play some Blk Jks.

The intriguing Blk Jks, an outfit Pulp and Circumstance has been following for a bit now, have finally released details on their much-awaited by this here blog debut record.

Discovered by Diplo, the South African band infuses genres like funk, afro avant garde, electro, dub, even metal, with a whole bunch of fuzz and sonic explosion. It’s one of the most interesting blends of music heard, in my humble opinion, in awhile because their tunes have so much going on, but not in an unfocused way. The band vacillates betwixt polished tracks and more rambling tunes that sound as if they are loose cannons with nowhere to fall; and that’s quite exciting.

That being said, their debut full-length studio record, expected out on Strictly Canadian, will see record store shelves on September 8th. Titled At Robots, expect it to feature some tracks they’ve played far and wide–including a pretty sick set at SXSW 2009.

So, enjoy one of their latest efforts, to be featued on At Robots. Expect great things from this here band.

[Blk Jks – Molalatladi.]

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