Oh, how soon? It’s now.

Clearly, I have a problem of late. For some reason, I cannot, and I mean cannot, stop spinning The Smith’s second studio record–and most well known, turned oft into iconic tshirts (of which I too have one…bah!)–Meat is Murder.

Particularly “How Soon is Now?” It’s like every time I hear “…I am human, and I want to be loooved” I decide, there an then, that I must hit repeat. What’s with me? Am I turning into a sad bastard blasting The Smiths in my parents basement?

Unfortunately, no on the later part of that statement–since I’ve never lived in my Mum’s basement, ever, even though her basement would have been the perfect musty, posters hanging off the wall, kind of place to blast said sad bastard tunes.

And even though “How Soon is Now?” didn’t appear on the original UK release, rather as a b-side, it found its loverly success here in the states anyhow and has put me straight in The Smiths coma. Must be pulled out…..?

Maybe I should stop watching old episodes of The Craft (hello! great t.v. show…watch it) and I then, only then, I can be pulled from the mire.

Enjoy, anyways.

[The Smiths – How Soon is Now?]

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