Undiscovered ’til Now: Sophie Medeleine.

Often times, late in the eve, when I’m catching up on random sorts of things and just spending quiet time with a cup of tea, I crave lighthearted, sentimental–straight lovely–tunes as light, soothing background fodder.

Ahem, let me just say, in this humble space, that I am loving life and ukulele…thanks to Sophie Medeleine. Her deliciously stripped, ukulele-driven tunes about things as whimsy as beards, locomotives…and welp, knitting, make me drool and then grab a tooth in pain. It’s just too sweet for words.

You can stream all the tracks from her latest venture, LOVE.LIFE.UKULELE. here. What’s more, you name the price for the downloads–and can gobble up some of her other work, like the hilarious Beardsong: A Rocky and Ball Creation (apparently written with Hannah Rockliffe) and The Stars. All three sets of materials were released this winter; the aforementioned two in February 2009, and the surprisingly well-polished LOVE.LIFE.UKULELE in March.

Still, after all that, if you can still handle the sugar…might I watch her in action so you know it’s the real deal. Sophie makes beards seem as lovely as I’ve always known them to be; yes, this here humble blogger is a sucker for lovely male beards. They are splendid, indeed.

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