It’s a nonpretentious mixtape, I promise.

Awhile back, the lovely website NonPretentious Dot Com reached out and asked if humble blogger would contribute to their weekly mixtape series. Of course, I squealed and danced and hemmed and hawed and adjusted and tweaked and finally threw up my hands and passed my mix onto the brilliance behind the website.

And it is here for the gobbling. You not only get my little commentaries on all the tunes chosen, but you can download the whole mix over at iTunes…that is if you pay for it. Alas, fear not my blogger friends.

Shoot me an email or poke at me on Twitter if you want me to give it off to you for no pennies…I can do you one since you read this here space.

Wanting to not just give a list of glorious tunes, I decided to go with a fruit theme–after all, this is Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! Working my way through bands with fruity names and tunes about fruit, and those tunes that are classics that really have nothing to do with fruit at all but reference fruit is some way, shape or form, you can score anything from Pulp classics to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Peter Sellers, Peaches, Camper Van Beethoven, Orange Juice, Talking Heads…and beyond.

Thanks again to the lovely folks of NonPretentious for reaching out…one for my crafting blog Kraftworkin Everything Kitsch and the Kitchen Sink: Tunes to Krafttwork By will come shortly.

Let me know what you think. Mudslinging commences?

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