Find these songs…

Might I suggest you get thee over to Olafur Arnald’s beautiful label site and gobble up 7 tracks for 7 days…absolutely free.

Arnald’s, a brilliant composer, announced awhile back he would release the Found Songs, a collection of 7 compositions for each day of the week; and they are all yours for the gobbling, taking, spreading, loving. How wonderful?

Setting out to record up a track and release it with 24 hours, it’s exactly what Arnald’s did, in fact. Humble blogger is a bit behind on the whole thing, as it initially dropped April 13. Please forgive, I have been intensely busy of late…but fear not, in 3 weeks time, content will just come at you like the bees in those White House shubberies.

In the meantime, pass the time with the brilliant new Olafur tracks. You won’t be disappointed.

For anything P&C has previously written about Olafur Arnalds, gander.

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