It’s scattergood…

Pulp and Circumstance recently told you about British songstress Polly Scattergood’s debut record, which will see the light of day May 19.

And those of you that are fans of the Kate Bush-quality of Ms. Scattergood, have most likely heard her demo track “Nitrogen Pink”, which has been kicking around and wowing this blog since sometime last year, summer perhaps.

Well, that being said, Scattergood has just released a brand new video, featuring track “Other Too Endless”, which wreaks even more of Kate Bush and all things wistful. It’s actually a pretty excellent tune really.

The single, “Other Too Endless”, will drop in the UK February 23. No word on a stateside release or date.

So gobble up the new video.
What do you think? Excited for some fresh tunes this spring?

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