This podcast is the fats…

Humble blogger doesn’t often follow the “Legacy Recordings Podcast”, but damn if this month isn’t different and damn if I won’t start following straight away. The famed Legacy Recording group has unveiled a whole host of special podcasts for “Black History Month” and shame on you if you aren’t interested in the following: Buddy Guy, Fats Waller, Sam Cooke, Miles Davis…

…the list goes on.

You can check out the Legacy Recordings Podcast here; the cool thing I’ve now found is it’s pretty easily searchable by category (if you fancy blues or jazz or punk, there’s Johnny Cash and Donovan and heck, even The Clash or Sly and the Family Stone). Each podcast features rarities, performances, and unearthed interviews with the musicians discussed. Golf freaking claps.

Check out Buddy Guy
telling a story about making $29 every two weeks at LSU while caring for his “Momma” who had a stroke, before learning he could head to Chicago and famed Chess Records to play his Les Paul; hear him talking about 99.9 percent of audiences listening to the blues at the time were black and his first gig, beside Otis Rush. It’s all quite delicious, really. Or hear an interesting discussion of the first popular syncopated music, “ragtime”, thanks to Harlem’s Fats Waller. It’s all there for the gobbling.

The entire month will be dedicated to the blues, jazz, soul and r&b of many a black musician; the podcasts takes you behind the scenes of some of the greatest recordings ever. You can subscribe to the podcast here, if you decide you love it as much as Pulp and Circumstance.

Happy love.

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