Jenna Wolf (humble blogger)

Lover of sweet funk basslines and turn of the century delta blues artists, it’s fairly clear only they can make something like a bedtick seem downright romantic. Now that’s music making right there.

Jenna writes the daily items, reviews and shoots gigs, produces the podcast, curates the Juiced Hard Drive Download 5, waxes poetic on that genre which folded her to music forever with the Punk Thursday series, and keeps the Blues Archive in check.

She also blogs about her nerdy loves and knits over at Kraftwork.

Esteban Miguel
A hack reporter in a wealthy suburban town, he manages to get through the day…or at least morning and evening traffic…by listening to music. He has often been caught singing while driving and prays his  warbles aren’t audible to other poor souls stuck in traffic with him–especially when it happens to be Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again” or a mangled version of a cheesy Russian pop song.
He dreams of one day becoming an ace songwriter specializing in sad bastard tunes. “Embarrassing Stories,” “I Have No One [But Myself to Blame],” and “Sunny Days Are Wasted On Me” are some working titles. They’ll be unleashed once he feels the world is finally ready for an Irish-Lithuanian-Bolivian tone-deaf crooner with an affinity for British mope rock (in other words, never).
Esteban writes live reviews, curates the Sad Bastard Sunday series and talks at length about bespectacled and/or redheaded frontwomen.

Thomas Lau
Tom Lau is a scientist, failed musician, photographer and enjoys writing biographies of himself in the third person. Musically, his favourite flavour would be indie pop but likes his electronica, jazz, soul and other stuff too.
He has a weakness for anthems, both musical and national, and when inebriated can sing the entire “Marseillaise” without actually knowing any of the words.
Thom reviews gigs and snaps shots of musicians.

Mack D.
MackD, dear friend of humble blogger, is a Providence-based librarian with aspirations to world domination. She reads, frolics, photographs food, and, most recently, screen prints.
She really starts enjoying an act about six months after everyone in Williamsburg is tired of them, and still loves ’90s rock.
Mackenzie writes live reviews, and is still mulling over the column that will change the face of music journalism, clearly.

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