2016 Becoming Bloghouse: Whitney

By far, a stand out of 2016 and on regular rotation all year. Their set on the blue stage at Pitchfork was grand and I even heard one of their tracks on the juke at a cool little bar in Roma, Italy, in October.

Their reach in 2016 is what we would call the “becoming bloghouse of 2009”–the heydey of the blogosphere. Things have changed in the musical writing landscape, and P&C is no stranger to all those changes.

Less is written, less is posted early or in advance of something else. Nothing is newsworthy. It’s all just what’s good–what’s spinning. Spotify reigns supreme. Does anyone even read this? Are you out there?

But bands like Whitney keep it exciting and fresh. And keep me coming back to this space to wax poetic on all the music that made me feel alive in 2o16.

Listen to “No Woman” here.

Listen to “Polly” here.

Listen to “Golden Days” here.

Buy the album here.

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