A note about the podcast.


A bunch of you have reached out about how to access my podcast. While I used to publish in varying places — itunes, soundcloud, and podomatic — these tools increasingly thought I wasn’t spreading a love of music, but sharing music freely even if that music was mixed into a podcast. Soundcloud cancelled my paid subscription, and access to episodes on podomatic was never used by you, the readers.

It’s become increasingly difficult to publish and know that the work will somehow stay, last. When Google deleted this blog back in 2007, erasing 5+ years of work and countless entries to the Blues Archive, I found a place to rebuild–albeit without most of that work.

Since then, I’ve also lost access to most of my podcast work–or at the least the link to where you can listen to it freely and easily. I’m going to work on republishing past episodes in the future with the tool that promotes blog and mix work– Mixcloud.

Stay tuned.

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