Breathing Fresh Life: Coldplay – “Fix You (Four Tet Remix)”.

I’m not a Coldplay fan. It’s never been my band, my thing. But, this treatment of their tune “Fix You” by Four Tet, who I happen to be a big fan of, is just so mindbogglingly beautiful, I’m humbly posting it here for all to enjoy. Consider my mind melted by this remix. It’s so gorgeous you could cry, and cry you might. It feels right, today.

This remix was originally commissioned by Coldplay as a b-side to the single, but was shelved. Maybe all those bells and vocal isolation and crawling insect noises were all too much for the band. But, how can you not hit repeat on this and weep?

Thank you Kieren Hebden, for making Coldplay listenable.


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