P&C’s Best Of: The Tracks, 2014.

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Music has always been a fundamental part of my existence. Without it, there wouldn’t be any of the other stuff: getting out of bed, productivity in work, brushing of the teeth, shining of the shoes, the chatter amongst friends, the nights out to catch that band that hasn’t released an album yet. The morning coffee and the evening cup of tea. There wouldn’t be summer pilgrimages to bask in the sun and watch sweaty bodies move to hardcore, punk, a classic indie pop band of the 90s in nostalgia mode, and there wouldn’t be endless car rides along the coast to nowhere–the only point of burning that gas because of an unending need to listen to a brand new album from that beloved band, the band once loved but neglected for the right now stuff, the band that brings about that feeling of being 18 again, the band that demands a yearning for old age, contentment, and the wisdom it affords.

And so, without music, there just wouldn’t be me. There wouldn’t be the friends I choose to keep my time with, and each day would be without discovery. Because every day, I discover something new. I flip the play button, and I listen. And maybe listen again. And a third time. I make a decision on whether I like it, I hate it, I love it. Whether it’s fake, its fluff, or if its full proof.

So here are my 30 best tracks on the year. Quite frankly, you may decide any one of them is fake…to you. Or fluff. Heck, they might be as full proof for you as they are for me. But, they are just the tunes that keep me a music devotee in 2014. It shouldn’t be about what tastemakers are talking about. A best tracks or albums list should be about what you are talking about. From your first listen in 2014 to whenever you tire of it, or don’t tire of it. Here’s what’s what for Pulp & Circumstance, for right now. 2014.

Rigamarole, of course, includes that the podcast is available for streaming and download at soundcloud. You can also subscribe over at itunes. And read all about, or wander through past episodes, over here.

The tracklist, in particular order:

30 CLOUD NOTHINGS – Now Hear In*

29 PERFECT PUSSEY – Interference Fits

28 GIRLPOOL – Blah Blah Blah

27 EX HEX – Don’t Wanna Lose


25 SZA – Hiiijack

24 SISYPHUS – Rhythm of Devotion

23 RUN THE JEWELS feat. Zack De La Rocha –  Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck

22 JAMIE XX – All Under One Roof Raving

21 APHEX TWIN – minipops 67 [120.2]

20 SAINT PEPSI – Unhappy

19 SYLVAN ESSO – Coffee

18 THE WAR ON DRUGS – Red Eyes

17 WET –  Don’t Want to Be Your Girl

16 RöYKSOPP + ROBYN – Monument

15 LES SINS feat. Nate Salman – Why?

14 TOMAS BARFOD feat. Nina K – Pulsing

13 DRAKE – 0 to 100

12 SCHOOLBOY Q feat. BJ the Chicago Kid – Studio

11 TINASHE feat. Schoolboy Q – Two On (TokiMonsta Remix)


9 SOPHIE – Lemonade

8 QT – Hey QT

7 DREAMTRAK – Odyssey, Pt. 2 (A. G. Cook remix)

6 ILOVEMAKONNEN feat. Drake – Club Goin Up on a Tuesday

5 FLYING LOTUS feat. Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

4 FKA TWIGS – Two Weeks

3 ST.VINCENT – Digital Witness

2 CARIBOU – Can’t Do Without You

1 BEYONCE feat. Jay-Z – Drunk in Love

(*note: the soundcloud version does not include track #30, cloud nothings, due to an issue with posting; however, you can always get the full podcast version through itunes).

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