Live Review: Mmoths, TT The Bears Place 6/26.

Thanks for that, Jack Colleran.

Tuesday night gigs can be difficult; particularly when you are a young, Irish mixmaster named Mmoths, barely out of your school boy days (or basically still in ’em), playing deep cuts to a smattering of the curious, motivated, and even some devoted, at T.T. the Bears Place in Cambridge, which is just what was done last night.

Stimulating the quaint to say the least audience with rhythmic, atmospheric tracks, Colleran delivered the goods–kicking things off with standout track “Heart” and failing to miss a beat whence segueing into more melancholic, orchestral tunes like “If Only” and “Thnx”.

The effect was immediate; gig goers swayed, lightly bounced, faded into ether, became the room, eyes half closed. Colleran, clad in boat shoes and ripped blacks (jeans, you know), lifted one foot, then the next, as he moved his body with ease to every turn, build up, and take down.

For a somewhat chilly, windy summer night in Boston, Colleran managed to create a sense of intimate warmth with toe curling electronic loops; it was if he were in your own living room, noodling around with you and your friends, showing you what he’s capable of. Only he’s 19 years old, traveling about the United States on the heels of being a pretty hot ticket in the UK of late, playing to tiny venues with an unpretentious aura behind the table I’ve rarely seen from a young musician catapulted into the business so quickly.

Colleran is like his moniker; when we keep the outdoor lights on too late here in Boston, the moths come; they flicker in the light, they flap their wings. Mmoths is doing just that, now. We’re leaving the light on here, in Boston, and we await your next flicker, kid.

Please check out “Heart” here, and “Thnx”, too.

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