Live Review: Santigold with Theophilus London, HOB Boston 6/22

On Friday Night, P&C reviewer Esteban Miguel got out to check in on Santigold’s latest live show. His review is as follows…

Santigold was ready from the song “GO!” at the House of Blues on Friday night, keeping up her reputation as a master showman with a mix of too-cool-for-school backup dancers, hyperactive music, and quirky wardrobes and props. (This includes pompoms, parasols and band members donning a horse costume.)

The last time I saw Santigold she was Santogold and ripped through her self-titled debut at the Paradise. Even though she certainly put on a show back then, her backup dancers mostly backup sang and she too was a more stationary object on stage. Now, while promoting her second album, “Master of My Make-Believe,” she has stepped up her game…making the sequel and the subsequent shows bigger, louder, more frenetic and brighter. However, I am not sure if that necessarily translates to better. There was the rush of the new several years ago that can never really be recaptured except through a complete reinvention.

Still, Santigold pulled out all the stops to give her fans their money’s worth. Decked out initially in an aqua blue outfit and ending the night in black and gold garb, Santigold delivered most of the gold nuggets from her debut, liberally sprinkling well-known tunes like “L.E.S. Artistes” and “Lights Out” throughout the set. And “Disparate Youth” and “This Isn’t Our Parade” are some of the standouts among the new cuts. And at one point, in the spirit of crowd participation, she invited dozens from the crowd to dance with her on stage for a number.

In delivering the hits and engaging the audience, Santigold is still a crowd pleaser.

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