Breathing Fresh Life: Kendall Elijah.

Let’s face it: there are times when you feel downright downtrodden, wading through track after track, each bleeding into one, a steaming pile of “ehh”, setting you deeper into the wild, hunting for that truffle. It’s found, miraculously.

Kendall Elijah, truffle indeed.

Humblest socks were blown off feet upon hearing his absolutely and aptly titled Eli Dynamite EP, five tracks that build upon one another and breath the freshest new life into hip hop, even if the EP was completed last April (how, how did it take a year to discover?). Elijah is all DIY; he produced all the beats for the record, and fuck all, his lyrical flow is good. It’s the goods.

Grab the EP at his bandcamp, post haste. Don’t hiccup, go dynamite.

Also, be sure to check out his stellar video for track “The Wild” here.

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