p&c podcast: no.8

It’s here. We’re pleased as puddles (mud season in Boston, natch!) to present the April 2011 edition of the P&C podcast, featuring a whole host of bang up tunes we can’t stop spinning at the mo.

Of course, podcast will be up on soundcloud for the remainder of the month (and streamable below), or you can be smart about the whole affair and subscribe on itunes so as not to miss a single minute. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

Tracklist is as follows:

1.  NewVillager, Lifehouse  2. German Error Message, We Arose  3. Battles feat. Matias Aguayo, Ice Cream  4. Tracey Thorn, You Are a Lover (Clock Opera Remix)  5. Starslinger, Mornin’  6. Parralax, Watching  7. Explosions in the Sky, Trembling Hands 8. Son Lux, Rising  9. Diamond Doves, Club Night  10. 05272011, He Didn’t Want A Love Song  11. Hooray for Earth, True Loves  12. The Weeknd, Coming Down  13. Cults, You Know What I Mean  14. Oupa, Forget  15. Estel, Our Deep Breath  16. Moths, Summer  17. Burial, Four Tet &Thom Yorke, Mirror  18. Bibio, Light Sleep


P&C produces a monthly podcast voiced by Thom Lau and curated/produced by Humble Blogger. You can read about it and gander through past episodes here.

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