Gig Review: Cults, Brighton Music Hall 4/1.

Two parts P&C got out last night to review Cults at Brighton Music Hall, clearly another stop on what’s turning into a pretty rigorous stint on the road thanks in large part to the increased exposure in the past year. Whilst humble blogger has featured them countless times in this here space, Esteban Miguel had his first foray into the band with matching hair lengthiness. His review is as follows…

It can be a daunting task to go to a gig when you are unfamiliar with the band. None of the songs are recognizable in the slightest (this reviewer has been slacking on his homework) and to compensate, you go straight to the bar. And let’s just say going on an odyssey for a parking spot in Allston and then spilling, yes, spilling your whiskey on the rocks doesn’t lend itself to the right mindset either. But Cults (apparently there is no “The”) made it worth it.

In a short set, which the band tried to make people think would be even shorter by leaving the stage after the first song (Happy April Fools!, fools.), Cults went through a series of swaggering tunes with plenty of hooks and personality. It was essentially girl group pop married to an indie rock and a sometimes jazzy sensibility with Madeline Follin (who is absolutely adorable, by the way) expressively belting out the vocals as if she was singing from the gut. It was a short set since the band is still building up a resume of tunes but it was a good sign that the shortness of the entire affair was disappointing–hunger for more!

“You Know What I Mean” was the highlight of the set in this reviewer’s humble opinion. And as we left the gig, my spilt whiskey was a now distant memory. For added listening please, check out the tripped out “Oh My God.”


And don’t forget, we’ve featured Cults’ “Go Outside” on podcast no. 2 last year and their latest go around will be on podcast 8, out next week.

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