Apparently Already Discovered: Anchorless.

Humble blogger loves Paper Garden Records artists and their brilliant Lovely Hearts Club, which introduces P&C to interesting new tracks and artists, as well as brings us new material from tried and true bands.

But for some reason, until now, we’ve missed one of their featured artists–Danish outfit Anchorless, who has a self-titled EP under their belt and an equally impressive track “A Step Too Steep”. You can read all about them over at PGR/LHC; they’re number 18.

“A Step Too Steep” is filled with lush pop melodies and has humblest moving about the day already with only 1/2 mug of coffee down the hatch; that’s a fucking feat. Its reminiscent of those bands I used to swiftly move to in my childhood bedroom, no shoes on yet, tights sagging, hair a mess and not caring a bit, 15 years old and needing one of my little nerdy musical discoveries to get me ready to trudge to an 8 hour day of school with the drones. It makes me feel like a teen again; it’s throwback, but fresh. Nostalgic, yet new.

Ah! Just enjoy it already.

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