Currently Listening: Yuck/Porcelain Raft LHC split 7-inch.

Transparent Records has a habit of releasing some glorious, albeit under the rader, 7-inchers. It’s their thing, and its humble blogger’s thing, too, you know, to obsessively gobble.

Unfortunately for P&C, the Yu(c)k/Porcelain Raft split that was released just before Christmas 2010 flew under our radar in all the year-end mania. It’s a brilliant little bit of work–featuring the two covering each other.

Golf claps.

You’ll see Daniel Blumberg of Yu(c)k strip down “Despite Everything” for his version of the haunting track; Mauro Remiddi brilliantly offers Yuck favorite “The Wall” with a full on, dripping and drenched fuzzed out take.

You can pick up the super limited vinyl here; and gobble the tracks below. Better late, than never, eh?

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