Currently Listening: 14 Tracks from Planet Mu (Preview).

One of the most methodical, beautiful and brilliantly curated compilations humble blogger has seen of late has come by the hands of Mike Paradinas (u-ziq to you, please), who is dropping 14 Tracks from Planet Mu as a precursor to a lot of stunning releases on the new year, as well as some tracks unavailable anywhere but in this tidy little set.

This is the kind of compilation that makes me think if I could somehow have a record’s babies, this would be the one I’d seduce.

The record features the likes of Cambridge-based producer Oriol, the absolutely stunning Dublin-duo Solar Bears, FaltyDL, Tropics, and beyond.

You’ll drop to your knees so quickly and violently, they’ll be awash in raspberries after hearing the stunning, shimmering, diamond-quality instrumentals from the likes of Solar Bears, and you’ll feel as if you’ve just bathed in a gallon tin jug of WD40 before being pummeled by bayonets thanks to that fierce snare after experiencing the filthy, greasy grime of Rossi B & Luca’s  “E10 Riddim”. Once you reach the closer, a drenched, psychedelia meets dubstep in Rudi Zygaldo’s “Hooray For Captain Balding”, you’ll be questioning your mental fitness.

And even if this begs the question of whether there’s a bed for you at state hospital, it’s well-worth the risk. I hear the sheets are at least soft.

You can preview the record over their site. 14 Tracks from Planet Mu will be available starting 1/31.

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