We hear…Jens Lekman will release a new album & EP in 2011.

We’ve been biting our nails, trying to be patient, obsessively getting any little bit we can (think one off track “The End of the World is Bigger than Love”, featured on p&c podcast no. 3) in the hopes of ushering Jens Lekman into a brand new album.

It’s been three long, cold years since monumental record Night Falls Over Kortedala and now, Jens has taken to his blog to update everyone on future material.

Take. Deep. Breath. Avoid jumping up and squealing to an unassuming audience that will inevitably think you are…odd.

Hear Jens do “An Argument with Myself” live back in September of last year at one of his farewell Gothenburg gigs. It could possibly be a track appearing on the new album or EP.

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