Currently Listening: Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker.

Holy hell, wowsers, indeed. Bring together two Parisian greats and stir in a little Jarvis Cocker vocal and you’ve got the most savory concoction since, I don’t know, chicken and chive dumplings or something.

The production duo, comprised of Pilooski and Pentile, have been known for their respective work remixing the likes of LCD Soundsystem, our beloved Jarvis, and of course those dirty edits for the former and a role with Octet for the latter.

And now, we’ve got Britpop’s most finest, most witty thrown into the mix and its those dumplings and chives all over with a splash of holy shit on new track “Synchronize” (available now on itunes)–the video features plenty of needles (not for the faint of heart), tatooes, drug use, and quirky Jarvis’ glorious dance, well, dance thingys?

Discodeine’s debut full length is out 2/14 on Dirty/Pschent.

Gobble, galore. Swoon. Fill up on the chicken and the dumplins.

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