Live Review: Kate Nash, 11/18.

Three parts P&C was out to check out Kate Nash’s latest stateside tour supporting this year’s My Best Friend Is You, a new foray for Ms. Nash we were curious to experience. Whilst it became difficult to waver betwixt feminist punk, spoken word poetry slammin’, and those so cute pop tunes we came to love her for, she certainly has a presence on stage. A presence for wowing the crowd with her gorgeous voice, not those attempts to be bad ass with those “speeches” you give; really, you just sound half-heartened when you say “fuck homophobia.” No shit. And the band (review, whatever) played on….

Gifted to Kate Nash at Thursday night’s Paradise gig:  1 vodka & coke, 1 black bra, 1 stretchy red tank top. Gifted to the crowd:  Hits from 2007’s Made of Bricks, including “Foundations,” “Mouthwash,” and “Merry Happy.”

A fair trade, methinks. Who hasn’t been in a “Foundations” relationship?  No one, that’s who.

Each song in Kate’s set had the frenzied, hectic energy of her latest album, My Best Friend is You, but the downtime between songs made for a mellow crowd (excepting the gent who unsuccessfully howled for “Shit Song” a few dozen times).  Gig-goers perked up for the favorites, and then chilled during the poetry slam stylings of “Mansions,” “I Hate Seagulls,” and “Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt.”

Kate’s boisterous band ultimately seemed a bit superfluous, as her pretty voice and witty lyrics were drowned out by punk.

P&C fully appreciates artists who shake things up with their sophomore album, but may we suggest more sparkly, piano-based pop and less Riot Grrrl for the next go-round? We’ll throw on a Bikini Kill record is we want some third-wave feminist punk.

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