In memorium: Gregory Isaacs.

Legendary reggae singer Gregory Isaacs has died. One of Jamaica’s most profound singers, the gorgeous beyond belief tenor was a staple of my childhood.

Through the crackle and hiss of some old 45s, the “Lonely Lover” (as he was often known) taught me the ways of heart pounding and heart aching–creating a new genre in what would eventually be dubbed “lover’s rock”.

And stirring the loins, Isaacs did; most of his most famous tracks (“Night Nurse”, “All I Have Is Love”, “My Only Lover” ) were released in the late 1970s and early 1980s, creating a vast collection of tunes that, to this day, make me want to slink and sway.

My poor heart aches at this passing. But it certainly was Gregory Isaacs who taught me how this felt.

Read his brilliant obituary in the New York Times for more insight.

Check out Isaacs doing 1978 single “Tune In” live. It’s one of humble blogger’s favorites.

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