Rinse, Repeat: It’s crazy, baby, on Coney Island.

God, when don’t I want to hit repeat on this entire record (1975’s Coney Island Baby), never mind “Crazy Feeling”, its standout track–or, every little nuance within the tune itself?

The opening lick with the kick in of the twangy guitar will make you absolutely shiver and signify that what Lou Reed is about to bring will be brought, for sure. I’ve shuffled, spun, and strutted around in private to this truly great, but utterly un-cheesy love track.

It’s the stuff made of dreams (love?), really. And when Lou Reed eases into a quick “now, now, now” and then starts working that “queen” at the nearly 2 minute mark, I just melt.

Try it out (after hours love, you know, is free).

Rinse, Repeat is a column by humble blogger, published in short, sweet, repeating bits whenever compulsion happens, of course.

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