Currently Listening: Mare.

Humble blogger has adored Julian Lynch since he first made rumblings sometime last summer. The current ethnomusicology student (drools, dream degree!) got a lot of grumbles from 2009’s Orange You Glad–an album filled with somewhat haphazard lo-fi bedroom pop, oh, and that downright phenom. track “Rancher”.

Since then, he’s taken some influence from his time working for the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings by creating an intriguing collection of eclectic sound–think African rhythm, drone, folk–amounting in an at times psychosis-inducing record.

It’s messy, at times, but it pulls you, too. It feels more mature, despite its meager means in its birth. And it’s definitely peaking P&C’s interest.

So check out “Just Enough” off Mare, and of course, my personal favorite, 2009’s “Rancher”, for good measure.

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