Delicious Drip: Communion.

Dave Sitek is really boasting a lot of fresh tracks off that debut record of his.

We’ve written about Maximum Balloon a handful of times here at P&C because we absolutely adore the work he’s done in the past with T.V. on the Radio, and welp, because his new side project has featured a cattle of excellent musicians to help out.

“Tiger” feat. Aku even appeared on one of our podcasts. But it’s his latest tune bouncing around–featuring the beloved Karen O.–that’s got humble blogger all in a twist.

Of course, anything Karen O. touches usually means gold, and “Communion” is no different. It’s no wonder the two collaborated since Sitek has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on every one of their fever-inducing records.

See for yourself.

Maximum Balloon is out next week, 9/21.

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