Currently Listening: David Byrne Radio.

Wow, this really must be the place.

Even if you aren’t a David Byrne freak like humble blogger, you should definitely spend some time at his website gobbling all the great things there are.

Particularly David Byrne Radio, which is featuring a killer playlist right now (expect anything less from the greatest living musician?)–everything from odd ball sounds courtesy The Books to indie favorites right now and even more eclectic numbers. What’s more, there are more than one old remix from Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott), who P&C began waxing poetic over back in 2007!

Who knew Byrne was such a fan of Kelis? Color me even more enamored.

Genius. And if you’re like me, it will be perfect accompaniment to the work day. The current 2-hour playlist has been on repeat all week and I’m not close to sick of it.

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