Live Review: Marina and the Diamonds shine.

Marina Diamandis should have at least 10 carats by now. The emerging Welsh-singer sprinkled the Paradise with diamonds last night as her stateside tour kicked off with a bang louder than anything you’d hear in a precious gems mine.

Blowing through (no pun intended–Marina was constantly wind-blown by some kind of breeze machine all night long) tracks off her 2010 record Family Jewels (many of the tunes, of which, also made appearances on several of her small EPs)–from “Mogwli’s Road” to “Oh No!”–Diamandis repeatedly thanked her “little diamonds” for supporting her, diamond and dollar-sign sunglasses and all.

Cutting through the crowd with her deliciously addicting art pop tunes and props (including various head pieces, a glowing giant heart, tambos, and some handclappers), Marina absolutely stunned on “I am Not a Robot”  arguably her best tune on the night. She followed up with favorites like “Obsessions”, “Hollywood”, and “Shampain”–which garnered plenty of gig goers to sing out with bravado and wishing they’d popped a cork.

The ever gracious singer absolutely silenced the entire place into submission with her encore cover of 3Oh!3’s “Starstuck”, signaling chill and goosebump followed up by the lingering sweat of the sticky evening with her enticing mentions of “nice legs, daisy dukes” and the downright brilliantly reworked, slowed up, and stripped down, version of the tune.

Bubble gum pop tartlets, eat your hearts out. Or eat out of Marina’s hand. Or her giant prop heart. Just eat it, really. Because she’s the true diamond.

File Under: Shine on, you gem.

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