Addictions: Dominant Legs.

Humble blogger can’t get enough of Dominant Legs, the brainchild of San Francisco-based artist Ryan William Lynch, who has been peaking P&C’s interest since sometime late last fall, with a series of tracks dubbed demos (“Young At Love and Life”, “Just Silly Ones”).

But a spate of new material has our us reintroduced–one (“Climbing Up the Walls”) will be featured on P&C opodcast no. 3, which finds release in just 5 days so stay tuned.

But there’s also a new track–“About My Girls”, that humble blogger can’t stop spinning. It’s got this sickeningly catchy beat, albeit melancholic, blurry, and  ethereal all bundled into that beauteous hook.

Dominant Legs’ debut EP, Young At Love and Life, is available 8/31. You can also check out their Terror Eyes Session of “Climbing Up the Walls” here.

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